History of Greenwood Acres Missionary Baptist Church
From Sunday School to Church
Established in 1958


The initial idea for the need of a church in the Greenwood Acres Subdivision emerged in the classroom of Greenmoore Elementary School, presently Jack P. Timmons. The staff in the school consisted mainly of young mothers who had a desire to educate the total child: therefore, were interested in the spiritual development of their students, two of which were teachers, Mrs. Emma Pearl Brown and Mrs. Bernice Palmer.
Being led by the Holy Spirit, both would inquire of their students each Monday after devotional period, before this was forbidden in the classroom, whether they attended Sunday school the previous Sunday. Very few had attended. These two teachers finally had an occasion to share their concern of spiritual development of their students to Elder Willie Earl Brown, husband of Mrs. Emma Pearl Brown, who was a pastor in Dallas, Texas, about the possibility of starting a Sunday Bible School class in the Greenwood Acres sub-division. Elder Brown was in agreement with the idea and expressed his readiness to assist in any way.
On July 8, 1958, the first Sunday School Class met at the home of a Greenwood Acres Sub-Division resident rent free, with nine students in attendance. Due to increase in membership and limited space, a building was purchased at 10 Greenway Place in order to provide adequate space for future meetings of church school.
On November 19, 1958 the Sunday school was formally re-organized at the new location, with the first prayer meeting held at the new edifice. At the close of service on November 28, 1958, Elder Will Earl Brown was chosen the official pastor of the church, with an installation service held on December 28, 1958.
Pastor Brown served as the first pastor during the latter part of November 1958 through December 1958. During the month of January 1959, illness beset Pastor Brown, by which the church members asked Elder Milton M. Flynn to serve in Pastor Brown’s stead until he returned. Later when it became apparent that Pastor Brown’s health was deteriorating and he would not return to church to resume the pastoral role, Elder Flynn was asked to fill the vacated pulpit. He consented to serve on February 1, 1959. He became the second pastor of the newly found church.
On August 16, 1981 on the occasion of the youth day program, the youth of the church invited Bro. Fred A. Caldwell, Sr. to be their guest speaker. So inspired were the members with this minister’s knowledge and deliverance of the word, that they being guided by the Holy Spirit, sought the service of this young minister to assist Pastor Flynn, whose health was on the decline, in regular worship to lead the people in God’s word and to spiritual maturity.

Through the efforts of Pastor Flynn, Brother Caldwell was ordained on December 2, 1981 at the Avenue Baptist Church by Brother L. D. Scott, Pastor. Bro. Caldwell was a member of Avenue Baptist Church, where he had served faithfully.
After Bro. Caldwell’s ordination, he served as the Assistant Pastor continually with Pastor Flynn. In April of 1982, Pastor Flynn eventually left the city of Shreveport to reside with his son, in Seattle WA. Pastor Flynn held the position of Pastor, until his demise on January 5, 1985 in Seattle WA. His remains were flown back to Shreveport, where Pastor Caldwell was the officiator of the funeral service. Pastor Flynn is interred at Lincoln Cemetery in Shreveport, LA.
On December 30, 1982, Bro. Fred A. Caldwell, Sr. would become Pastor-Elect. At 2:30pm, February 20, 1983, Min. Fred A. Caldwell, Sr.’s installation ceremony was held with Pastor Harry Blake, Sr. of Mount Canaan Baptist Church delivering the sermon. Pastor Blake gave the charge to the new pastor and the church. Pastor Caldwell became only the 3rd Pastor of Greenwood Acres Missionary Baptist Church.
On March 16, 1986, a Ground-breaking celebration was held for the educational phase of Greenwood Acres Missionary Baptist. The vision which began more than three decades ago continued to develop in a vibrant ground breaking service with a scriptural theme” Except the Lord build the House, they labor in vain that build it..” Psalms 127:1 As the days passed into months, the structure took form and presently stands majestically in stark contrast to its rustic setting, serving as a beacon for worshipping the living God through Christ Jesus. With eager anticipation, the congregation made their entrance into this massive structure on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday- November 27, 1986 at 10:00am, with a Thanksgiving Praise and Fellowship service.
The last service in the original structure was held on Wednesday night November 26, 1986.
Greenwood Acres membership grows continually and the ever-growing vision continues under the leadership of Bishop Fred A. Caldwell, Sr. Pastor/Teacher.

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