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Books by Bishop Fred A. Caldwell Sr.

Trials and Glory

Synopsis – Trials and Glory pinpoints the Biblical examples of God’s glory revealed in the critical crisis moment of Christians. As you read this book, you will be powerfully reminded and encouraged to look for your silver lining. All things works together for good…to God’s glory and our good!

The Righteousness of Faith

Synopsis – The Righteousness of Faith, A New Light of Revelation on an old truth- that’s at the heart of The Righteousness of Faith. This book will motivate you to holiness and wholeness, not as an act of works, but as an act of faith.  You will understand the Law of Faith as never before and rejoice as you learn to trade your unrighteousness for the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

How To Handle Your Alexanders

Synopsis – How to Handle Your Alexanders, “He Did Me Much Evil”, When your Alexander has done a number on you, learn how to count it all joy.

Special CD’s packages:
Best of 25 – A Radical Faith: A Commemorative 60th
Birthday Message & The Righteousness of Faith Series.

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