Bishop’s Heart to Heart

“Thank You & Come to the Celebrations!”


“Thank you so very much for your kind participation, your prayers, your gifts and all your words of encouragement on my 72nd Birthday Bash this past Sunday. Thank God for you and all that you wish and desire for me, may God give it back to you and your family in portions never dimensionalized. Amen, thank you so much!.”

“On this Sunday evening you want to be at Greenwood Acres Family Life Centre’ @ 6PM for the play. Greenwood Acres Playmakers LIVE and on stage. And you’ll need to be there for the ” Redemption of a Good Man. That’s right doors will open @ 5PM at the Life Centre’ on this Sunday afternoon and the play will commence @ 6PM and you’ll want to be there.”

“Fast forward to April 1, 2018 for our Resurrection Celebration. It will commence inside the Family Life Centre’-7530 Greenwood Road @ 5:30AM on Easter Sunday morning and @ 7:30AM. Then we’ll move to our North Location-2800 N. Hearne Avenue for the 10:30 hour. We’re going to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. He got up… He is alive and He is well…and it is because of Him that we live, move and have our being.”

“So, you want to post date all of this… date it out… hold on to the date… show up… invite others you know who love the Lord and even bring sinners with you too because Jesus still saves.”

“Hey much love to you and as you go your way rejoicing, remember keep looking up because our Heavenly Father is always looking down.”


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