Bishop’s Heart to Heart

“It’s Time to Pray”


“The Prayer Summit is coming up here at Greenwood Acres West Location on this Saturday morning- September 8th. Continental breakfast is @ 7:30am and the Prayer Summit will commence at 8 o’clock and run to approximately 11:00AM.”

“We would really love to have your presence here at this Prayer Summit whether you have a t-shirt or not. Come to the Summit because in days like these, God knows that we need to get on our prayer game because prayer will move along with faith the hand of God to get some things done.”

“Also, we are super excited about the great things that God is doing here in the ministry and we’re just moving right along and so glad that you’re here to move right along with us. Pray for us, as we will be praying for you. Being in ministry and involved in God’s word is what the Lord had called us to do.”

“The Bible says in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. You know, prayer is a powerful weapon against the onslaught of the adversary. And I’m confident that if we pray more for one another, love one another, walk in love towards one another and put Satan under our foot one with the other, then all of us should live a productive, fruitful, spiritually enlightened life here at this great church God has setup and in the world at large.”

“We thank God for those he is adding here to the ministry. We thank the Lord for those who work here in ministry and if you happen to be in this great camaraderie of believers…we love you in the Lord, we thank God for you and pray God’s choice blessings upon you.

“We’ll see you in church this week.”

“God bless.”

Bishop Fred A. Caldwell, Sr.


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